Wednesday, 28 Sep 2022

Theofilos Emm. Kalikantzaros-Mouchourtis

Our office came into existence in 2007 in Kalymnos, an island of south Aegean and gets round to constructions permission’s studies, topographical works ground’s imprintings measurements & preliminary material’s measurements, place’s improvements, establishment’s renovations, such as suggestions about in & out decoration in residences and establishments, but it also gets round to taking over constructions to personal and public works from expert groups.


- elaboration in studies and designs for whichever work & the publication of construction’s permissions for detached houses, offices, industrial & handicraft buildings

- renovations and repairing

- establishments function’s permissions

- personal works contracts (handicrafts buildings detached houses, establishments repairing and renovations in residences and establishments.

- precosting and temporal planning works.

- interior design

- topographical works with synchronous satelliting geodesics ways highly exactnessed

- real estate and property’s sales.


Our goals are:

- the quality in construction

- the consequence in completion

- the high specifications in constructions with respect in environment in life quality.